Monday, November 11, 2019

The Word Of An Airmen

Of a certain Aleutian airmen to be exact...  my buddy Lt. Col (RET) Bob Brocklehurst.  This Veterans Day is dedicated to him and all those that flew with him in the Aleutian Campaign as well as throughout his 28 year Air Force career.  Please take an hour out of your day, perhaps while you are in the car, cooking dinner or getting ready for work, to hear his story.  

I made this video for Bob's family who are equally as inspiring as their patriarch.  It was taken the first time Bob and I met in February 2017 when I showed up at his home loaded with my grandfather's memorabilia, ready to show all with hopes of it sparking some type of recollections.  Or even better,  that maybe, just maybe- they had crossed paths. Bob did not want to be video recorded that day though.  He just wanted to talk.  So, I hit record and placed my phone down on the table ensuring I would capture every word that he shared with me.

Little did I know, that this day would lead to a special friendship that I will forever deeply cherish.   I miss Bob very much.   Countless times I have wanted to pick up the phone and tell him the latest new discovery in my research.   Or how I have come across his name or the names of the people he would speak about.  It was good to hear his voice.  It inspires me to keep on.  Hopefully it does the same to you.

Today,  I raise my special 41-G glass filled with a velvety scotch and dedicate it to a life well lived and an honorable service.  Here's to you Bob my friend; here is to you!