Aleutian WWII History Expeditions

While most World War II theaters of operation are well understood, very little is known about the Aleutian Campaign and the Kurils Island Operations that followed. 

These remote islands off the west coast of Alaska were the scene to the only carrier and land based bombing of North American targets in history, and the only time since the War of 1812 that a foreign power had occupied American soil on the continent.

Of the many military sites along the chain, five locations have been designated National Historic Landmarks and are part of the WWII National Historic Area managed by the National Park Service.  The latter three are also included as part of the Valor In The Pacific sites:
  • Adak Army Base & Naval Base, 
  • Fort Glenn Army Airfield and Naval Base on Umnak Island
  • Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base,  Fort Mears and Fort Schwatka
  • Attu Battlefield and U.S. Army and Naval Airfields
  • Japanese occupation site on Kiska
  • B-24D Wreckage Site on Atka  

This historical tour offers a unique opportunity to visit these seldom seen places. They are not your typical well manicured Civil War and European battlefields, but sites that have retained their natural settings and artifacts of war; a living museum.  The tour also affords an opportunity to visit the exquisite beauty of the Aleutians islands, go ashore, and experience a part of the world that very few ever will- A trip of a lifetime!


2019 WWII Battleground Expedition- PLANE WRECKS

WWII Aviation enthusiasts- this trip is for you!  It is similar to the Battlefield Expedition but more focused on seeing the numerous airplane wrecks and airfields along the chain. 

The campaign began when the Japanese Imperial Navy bombed Dutch Harbor, Alaska June 3rd and 4th, 1942 and subsequently went ashore and occupied two of the westernmost Aleutian Islands, Kiska and Attu.   What followed was a 13 month offensive, primarily by air, to remove the Japanese from these remote islands.  Successfully in May 1943, after the second deadliest battles in all of the Pacific Theater; the Battle of Attu, Allies re-gained control and by August 1943 the first part of the campaign was over.  What started next was two years of US bombing missions from Attu, over the Japanese coastal island of Paramashuro in an effort to weaken the Japanese strong hold.  

As an aviator, this part of the world is known for some of the worst flying weather there is and that was ever so apparent during the campaign where the weather was more of a threat then the Japanese.   More airmen died due to abominable flying weather than in combat.  That being said though, the North Head of the Japanese occupied Island of  Kiska is also known as one of the most heavily defended areas of all of the Pacific Theater and for an airmen headed towards the deck through thick fog, he knew it.  
On this tour we will get a chance to explore those Japanese guns as they are still in their defensive positions today and the aftermath by way of the many well preserved wrecks scattered across the islands including the marston matting covered airfields they flew from.  You will also experience firsthand the mystique of the Aleutian weather and what those airmen were up against.

 **Keep in mind these are wrecks, some are more in tact than others.  And a few on the list we have not ventured to before!  This trip allows us the time to do that.** 

  1. Davis Army Air Field on Adak
  2. Kiska Army Air Field, Kiska Island
  3. Alexai Point Army Air Field, Attu Island
  4. Castco Cove Naval Air Field,  Attu Island
  5. Miller Army Air Field, Umnak Island
  6. Dutch Harbor Naval Air Field,  Unalaska Island 

  • Dozens of Japanese Guns
  • Japanese two man submarines
  • Ordnance
  • Sunken Japanese ships
  • Quonset huts, ammunition storage 
  • Underground bunkers and plot rooms
  • Foxholes, trenches
  • Abandon Cold War base
  • Very rare wild life,
  • Volcanoes
  • Whales
  • Incredible scenery


Trip begins in Anchorage on a flight to Adak June 12th (Alaska Airlines #167).  Once on the ground we tour the remains of a WWII and Cold War base including the 1940's wreck of a PBY.  From there we board the M/V Puk Uk and head 500 miles west towards Attu and Kiska where we spend the next few weeks exploring the war history of the islands and ending our trip in Dutch Harbor, Alaska


$7100 per person*.  
Includes all meals- and our chef is amazing, a one night stay in the Grand Aleutian Hotel, and all tours (excluding tips). 
You will be responsible for your own airfares to Adak (ADK), and departing from Dutch Harbor (DUT).
(Tip- Alaska Airline miles goes A LONG way up in the Aleutians!!)



For information of 2020 WWII Aleutian Island Battleground Tours download the brochure here.   **ONLY THREE SPOTS REMAIN**

2020 WWII Battleground Expedition- PLANE WRECKS
Pending... TBA  Interested?  Add yourself to the list so we can keep you informed. 

** NOTE- We will be going into a remote, seldom visited part of the United States.  It is an expedition not a luxury tour.  There are no major medical facilities west of Unalaska and no active airfields west of Adak.  It is a PHYSICAL trip.  We will be walking for many miles in mountainous unkempt territory with a good chance of inclement weather.  You must be amble and in good shape.**