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An Attu Veteran- Bill Jones

William S. "Bill" Jones, enlisted in the Army on December 9, 1941 and served his country with the utmost dedication, having fought in four major campaigns with the 7th Infantry Division during the battles of Attu Island, Kwajelein, Leyte, and was wounded the seventh and last time going onto the beach at Okinawa, Japan.  He was awarded the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters, Bronze Star, and two Distinguished Service medals.  Bill served with the NJ National Guard and retired as a Major.  After his service, Bill was employed by the Chrysler Corporation and M & G Convoy, both of Newark, DE. 

 Bill Jones (R) and his life long friend Andy Petrus (L) at the
WW2 Memorial on Attu Island, AK.  2003
photo provided by Jack Jonas

In the year of 2000 at the age of eighty, Bill returned to the scene of his first battle on Attu Island, Alaska where he became a part of a documentary entitled “Cradle of Storms”.  He returned again in 2003 where he was featured in a full length documentary entitled “Red, White, Black and Blue” which was one of the highlights of his life.  The story had never been told as a result of a media blackout.  Bill heard from several hundred of his comrades who were thrilled to talk and correspond with him.  

One of the things he discovered on that trip was that 4 Japanese memorials had been quietly placed on Attu, right in the very battle field where many courageous North American troops lost their lives. In the seven years before he died, he started a heart felt movement to have the Japanese memorials placed on Engineer Hill removed.  He passionately felt that it was a disgrace to the American and Canadian troops who fiercely fought to protect our continent.  And he worked diligently righting what he felt was so wrong. 

  Red, White, Black and Blue Video

Bill passed away on August 29th, 2010 at the age of 87.  His friend and fellow serviceman, Jack E Jonas, TSgt. USAF ret. had pledged, one veteran to another, to help Bill in his mission and has since continued on the fight to get the foreign memorials removed from Attu.  They have started a petition to the U.S. Government to demand their removal. 

Please take, literally a minute, to go to the Attu Monument Petition and sign your name or to get more information, so that you can help WW2 Attu Island Veteran Bill Jones and Jack Jonas,TSgt. USAF ret. in their efforts to preserve honor and dignity to all Attu Island veterans, which they so rightfully deserve.

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