Monday, May 26, 2014

Here's To You Veterans!

One of the things we found when my grandfather died was a scrapbook he and my grandmother had kept during the war.  In it, were many newspaper articles and clippings of the men and women who were serving in Alaska during World War 2.  On this Memorial Day I thought I would honor some of his comrades by sharing their faces with with you.  I only wish I knew their stories and was able to share that as well.  Here's to you fellas...

GRIM ALASKA WEATHER cannot erase the smiles of these Ontario pilots trained for fighting under all conditions.
LEFT TO RIGHT- Flt. Sgt.  G Schwalm (Alliston) , Pilot Officer Harold Paytner (Toronto), Sgt. C. W. Hicks (Exeter).

The Japs on Kiska felt the blows of guns and bombs at the hands of these four Canadian pilots, members
of the R.C.A.F squadron actively engaged in the Battle of the Aleutians.  Left to right the fighters are
Pilot Officer A. L. S. Harrison (Winnipeg), F/S G. A. Costello (Stonewall), Flying Officer G.G. Miller (Winnipeg) and Flying Officer Bob Lynch (Winnipeg).  Flying Officer Lynch wears the ribbon of the American Air Medal, awarded for his part in action over Kiska. 

MORE R.C.A.F ALASKANS who call Ontario home are rear, LEFT TO RIGHT:
Leading Aircraftman Wary Barnsley, Leading Aircraftman William Manzer, Leading Aircraftman E. D. Doughty and Leading Aircraftman Milton Hannigan.   Kneeling is Pilot Officer Harold Paynter and C. W. Hicks.

Sgt. C. Buckborough, Sgt. E. Gillanders and Leading Aircraftman Rose.
Front: Flt. Sgt. D. Casselman and Sgt. Clayton Ryan.

"FARTHEST NORTH AIRMEN" from Ontario include, LEFT TO RIGHT, back row:
Cpl. M Burke, Leading Aircraftman E. J. Holmar, Leading Aircraftman Fred Tomkinson,
Sgt. Louis Wise and Flt.- Sgt L. Sunstrum.  Kneeling: Leading Aircraftman Ken Coutts
and Leading Aircraftman George Grindrod. 

CANADIAN AIRMEN fly and fight side by side with U. S. air forces in far north Alaska,
helping attack the Jap foothold in the Aleutians and patrol the air over the northwest
 approaches to the continent.  Pilot Officer Harold Paynter of Toronto is shown with the
 "thunderbird" emblem of his fighter squadron. 
 My deepest expression of gratitude seems so insignificant to the sacrifices that these brave servicemen endured for our freedom.  But I will say it anyways for words is what I always have.~

Thank you to the Veterans and active duty servicemen from 
all branches of the military for your service.


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