Thursday, November 24, 2016

A WW2 Thanksgiving, 1942

As we sit down to enjoy the feast and family of the season, let us keep in mind those who came before us to make the celebration of this day possible.  Our world would look so very different if it were not for those brave enough to sacrifice themselves in order to protect our way of life.  Keep those of service in your prayers.

So, what did Thanksgiving look like in the time of war?  Well, here is what the guys in the R.C.A.F. 111(F) Squadron were up to Thanksgiving day on Kodiak Island, November 26th, 1942, as they were on guard, ready to defend our land.  This entry was taken from the Squadron diary.

R.C.A.F. Mess Hall, 1943

November 26th, 1942
"The Squadron had a very fine, "Thanksgiving Meal" at noon with turkey and all the trimmings, and in the evening a luncheon consisting of cold meats, cold salads, beer and smokes. Flight Sergeant Staples, H.M acted as Master of Ceremonies, and handled the affair very capably. There were speeches by Squadron Leader Boomer, Flight Lieutenant Webb and Flying Officer Farrell. Several members of the Squadron released their hidden talents and community singing was enjoyed by all. Some of the personnel took advantage of the invitation which had been extended by the 401st Bombardment Squadron, U.S. Army Air Corps and went to their Mess Hall around 2030 hours. Weather conditions bad, runways poor. Flying time today totaled zero zero hours."

Looks like a rare, relaxing (can you say that during a time of war?) day thanks to the lousy weather.  I guess, in this case, the clouds, wind and freezing rain was on their side...

Here is wising you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Throughout the war, the US military went out of its way to provide traditional meals for the men overseas. Thousands of turkeys and all the trimmings were sent to the front lines all over the world, and a serious effort was made to give each man a hot holiday meal, no matter where he served.