Friday, October 19, 2012

Update F/O Louis Cochand

An interesting thing about how the story of F/O Louis Cochand unfolded was by the way in which it came to me.  About a month after communicating with the daughter of RCAF S/L Hal Gooding, who flew with my grandfather in the 111(F), I received an email from a man named Chas Cochand.  

He had sent along to me an article on Louis, but the body of the email was lightly worded, saying only that he had contacted the BBC to get more information on his part in the war. Although I did not know much about him, I did remember reading about the officer and that he was awarded an American Air Medal during the Aleutian Campaign, as well as, that he was in the other RCAF squadron that was not my grandfathers.  So after a little digging, I replied with an email that contained a few additional informative links regarding F/O Cochand and his role in the Aleutian Campaign. 

F/O Louis Cochand, RCAF 14(F) Squadron

He was most grateful for the response.  What I then found out is what makes this journey all the worth while. Chas was the son of F/O Louis Cochand and he had been looking for information on his father's involvement in WW2 outside of Europe.  He had contacted the BBC searching for that but they were not able to help him.   To think that I was able to provide for him, the invaluable pieces to the missing link of their families loved one fills me with a sense of great pride and joy.  It is such an honor to be in this position.  

And yes, I may say that often,  but by golly, I mean it.  

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