Monday, September 8, 2014

A Little More Elmendorf

Just thought I would share some of the other sites around Elmendorf-Richardson Joint Base.  It is very large base as you can imagine with both the Air Force and Army stationed there. Unfortunately, we went on a Sunday so the runways were quiet.  We'll try again next year to get an up close experience with an F-16.   One of the things we did see was some of their retired aircraft, both old and new on display.   The weather the day we went was so pleasant that we had absolutely no problem leisurely strolling around base enjoying the glorious sunshine and clean Alaskan air.  Clean is no over exaggeration, the smell of Alaskan air is so light.  It seemed effortless to breath.  A wonderful break from the thick, heavy moisture filled air that I am currently gasping for during this near one hundred degree Florida summer.

Top- A recovered & refurbished P-38 our guide, Col. Cloe helped recover from Attu Island in 1999.
Bottom- Little  ol' me and a enormous Hercules.   

Top L-R- Convair F-102 Delta Dagger, McDonnell F-4 Phantom,
Northrop F-89 Scorpion.

 Second Row- a Lockheed T-33 Tee Bird 
Third Row- an F-16

How many people does it take to capture the blowing of dandelion fluff....
 apparently too many.   Dandelion fun.   Something we don't have in Florida. 

Alaska National Guard Memorial Park.
Top L- tank, personel carrier,  Sikorsky CH-54B Sky Crane.

Top L-R- Yukla Memorial.  On a routine surveillance mission this flight crashed 
and all 24 American and Canadian airmen on board were lost,
Second Left- rescued eagles who now call the base home,
Bottom- the air park. 

Bottom- Top- "Wait up Ma!" A MOOSE and her darling babies
darting through traffic in an Anchorage suburb,
 a beautiful Alaskan evening at 10P.M.,
the late night view of the Chugach Mountains from my room.

That concludes day two in Anchorage.  Next up, a bit of work related research in the form of a visit to the Ice Spa, it's rough, I know.... Then, off to Kodiak Island!

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