Friday, April 1, 2016

Pilot's Eye

Ever wanted to know what it looks like from the cockpit of one of WW2's best pursuit planes; the  P-51 Mustang?   Heck ya, I sure have.   Pilots, Jeff "Linedog" Linebaugh and partner Larry "Lumpy" Lumpkin do this for fun and from the heart.  They are part of the Commemorative Air Force crew and have spent the last several decades dedicated to keeping the spirit of these planes, and the pilots who flew them, alive.

I have to admit, this video gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.  To be able to see, from my grandfathers perspective (minus the anti aircraft gunfire), leaves me speechless and in more awe then before.  Is that even possible?  Even more astonishing, is the realization that during WW2 they would send these pilots into combat with well under a year of flight training behind them.  Yikes.  Talk about getting thrown into it.

Leave all your worries aside, you're in good hands. These in particular P-51 "Gunfighter" pilots have over half a century of flight experience between them.   If you want a warbird ride of your very own, you can have one!   Catch them at numerous air shows around the country this year.  Or if this falls outside of  your comfort zone,  you can buy a ride for a veteran and allow them to feel the unforgettable power of the Mustang once more.   Either way, it is sure to be the ride of a lifetime!
God bless you boys and and thank you for the countless hours, time and effort, you give to ensure they are always remembered.  I know if you are like me, a little energy put forth seems so insignificant to the sacrifices made by the greatest generation for the freedoms we enjoy today. 

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