Sunday, March 27, 2016

F/L George Talbot Schwalm

This is a much deserved and long overdue post honoring R.C.A.F. 111f Airman; F/L George Talbot Schwalm.   F/L Schwalm was from Tottenham, Ontario and joined the R.C.A.F in 1940.  He became attached to the 111f squadron in December, 1941 and ended up in Alaska beginning April, 1942 with stints on Elmendorf and Umnak.  On June 29th, 1943 he went on to join the 412f Squadron in Europe where sadly, he was killed in his Spitfire by ack ack fire on August 12th, 1944.  He is still listed as M.I.A.  

As I posted this today, I wondered what Easter looked like in 1943 and found out that the Easter of 1943 fell on the latest date in history.   It was celebrated on April 25th.  It will not fall that late again until 2038.  With that I wish you a Happy Easter F/L Schwalm and I thank you for your service. 

R.C.A.F.  Flight Lieutenant George Talbot Schwalm. Photo Bob Hofland

This was a newspaper clipping my grandfather had in his collection.  F/L Schwalm is on the left.

F/L Schwalm receiving his wings at #2 at Service Flying Training School, Uplands, Ontario. 

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