Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ebb and Flow

As I sat at the beach one morning contemplating how to start this come-back post it had occurred to me that any excuse I have sounds pathetic in comparison to the sacrifices the people and families that I write about endured.  Sacrifices that allow us the life of freedoms that we enjoy today.    

It is true that the natural the ebb and flow of life shifts our focus to different things when needed.  Over the last year I have chosen to place my heart and energies into a different and unexpected, but important, area.  But as of late, I have felt drawn to return to the blog.  To continue where I had left off, by honoring those who served with my Papa in Alaska during World War 2.  A while back, I had the privilege of having a retired Korean Air Force gunner as my client. The words he shared with me during our conversation re-ignited my deep desire to tell the stories of those that served.  The most wonderful thing is, the more I thought about my next post, the more people began to contact me with their loved ones stories.  The law of attraction in action is a beautiful thing.  

This mornings inspiration.

If you could have read one of my last Facebook status's, I was wishing that I could either multiply myself or add an additional 24 hours in a day to fit it all in.  I suppose that is one of life's great challenges- how to find B-A-L-A-N-C-E.  Alas, since cloning myself nor recreating Father Time is an option, I will figure out a way to find time for the several things that are dear to my heart.  I have to,  for I miss writing this blog terribly and it is because of these brave chaps I am able to write at all. 

Ok, here goes... re-start TAKE TWO... (clap).  

This picture of my Papa was graciously sent to me last week from Bob Hofland. 
 His uncle,  F/L George Talbot Schwalm and my Grandfather graduated 
together out of No.2, S.F.T.S. in Uplands, Ontario, October 1941. 
Post graduation, both joined the 111F Squadron and were stationed in Alaska. 
Watch for F/L Schwalm's story in an upcoming post.   

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